The Mission

At Luxe Beauty Academy, our mission is to help you build a profitable beauty business and achieve financial freedom

Luxe Beauty Academy


Dr. Kiiyonna Jones, RN created Luxe Beauty Academy out of a desire to help aspiring entrepreneurs, in particular nurses, start their own beauty businesses. As a Registered Nurse, Dr. Jones always yearned to become an entrepreneur and had little success finding mentorship to help her navigate and transition from Nurse to Nurse Boss.

After 10 years as a nurse, she decided to step out on faith and follow her passion and had to learn everything about building a MedSpa on her own. At that moment, she committed to being exactly what she needed to other aspiring entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on building businesses on the side, which she coins Sidepreneurship.

That’s why

Dr. Jones founded Luxe Beauty and Wellness Boutique where she originally started a non Medical Beauty business that ultimately grew to a full on Medical Spa. As her business grew, so did her desire to teach and empower other aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business.

This desire led to the founding of Luxe Beauty Academy. Initially, the only service she provided at Luxe Beauty and Wellness Boutique was Cosmetic Semi-Permanent makeup, the Ombré Brow. However, experiencing the financial growth and freedom she achieved in her business, she decided to create Luxe Beauty Academy and start training others and teaching others how to start their own business in any of the services she provides within her Boutique.

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Interested in starting your own Beauty Business?

Luxe Beauty Academy offers courses to help you start your business and begin your path to true financial freedom! Luxe offers multiple training options for anyone who is considering the beauty industry.

The Beauty Industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, invest in any of these courses and CLAIM YOUR PIECE OF THE PIE!

Luxe Beauty Academy

Eden Dabalus

I really enjoy taking Dr. Jones’s Ombré Brow class. I received a personalized experience and I had so much fun learning this new skill. In addition, Dr. Jones provided me with ease and guidance as I Ombré’d my very first client. My model was extremely satisfied! You will not receive this type of personalized support anywhere else. I recommend her class to anyone interested in venturing into this business.

Misha Birch

You were great! Very thorough and made me feel safe and comfortable, no surprises, everything was smooth and exactly what you explained it would be. One of the best experiences I've ever had! Thank you Dr. Jones. 🖤 🦋

Dr. Ebonee Gresham

Dr. Jones has been a very integral part of me opening my MedSpa! From day one she mentored me, she counseled me, she taught me different things about the medical and non medical. She helped me launch my business with no business background and she taught me how to run the business as well as how to obtain business credit. I have trained with her on several services that I now offer in my business. If your looking for a MedSpa coach I highly recommend Dr. Jones!

Christal Parker APRN, FNP-C

The information in this course is invaluable!! I created my ebook in 5 days while 9 months pregnant! The steps are easy to follow and there’s no way you won’t succeed. I couldn’t believe I went from start to finish so fast thanks to the tools Kiiyonna is giving in this course. It gave what it said it was going to give!!! I love investing in myself and can’t wait to see the the residual income that comes in after creating my first ebook. As she says, you won’t catch me in these Covid streets overworking myself…Don’t even think about it, buy this course TODAY!

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